Righteous — CSS Formatter

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Your humble witch

Righteous is a formatter for CSS that implements Kary Coding Standards. It is written as a reconstructing formatter which means righteous parses the code into an AST (abstract syntax tree) and then rewrites that tree into CSS. This technique ensures everything is based on the standard and therefore leaves nothing to be done by the user.

Righteous for Visual Studio Code

Currently—and till reaching a stable release—Righteous is only available as a Preview Visual Studio Code extension. Righteous is being used in many production/experimental projects to be diagnosed with care. You may start using it but you must be careful about it.

Righteous overrides the default formatter and silently beautifies your code for you

Righteous Core for Developers

Righteous is a JavaScript package designed to be runnable anywhere. It gives the simplest API possible to make the task of its integration the easiest. It can be easily used within any Electron based editor.

The npm package for Righteous can be found at

And be very simply used as